Thursday, December 30, 2010

weecantoo edible art supply: Thank you Tea Organics

weecantoo edible art supply: Thank you Tea Organics: "We just love Tea Organics Clothing Line for children 'Citizens of Change'. Tea has a sensational line that wraps creative imagination in ..."

Thank you Tea Organics

We just love Tea Organics Clothing Line for children 'Citizens of Change'. Tea has a sensational line that wraps creative imagination in the heart of children's play. The new Viva La Artista line was created with the destination Catalonia in mind. Think of the line as inspiration for your young budding artists. Taking the best of Picasso and mixing it with modern design to make children's wear fun and stylish. What more could you ask for? Well we will tell you....

Tea has featured Wee Can Too in their merchandising ideas on how to merchandise your display. Don't see Wee Can Too at your local children's organic store? Tell them how great we are and that you would love to see our product in the store...

Wee Can Too is an all natural organic art line with a passion, a livelyhood, a growing concept to pursue your dreams one painting or drawing at a time.

What a great inspiration for the Tea line to have Wee Can Too Organic finger paints be apart of Tea's merchandising ideas .

Thank you Tea and Bravo on your new inspirational line!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Not just for babies and toddlers...

Got a call from my sister in law this morning. It turns out that my nephew was working on a 7th grade art project and couldn't achieve the desired "natural" look he was going for. They contemplated glueing leaves or petals to it, but that didn't look right. Finally, my sis-in-law got out some of her Wee Can Too Finger Paint stock and she and Jarod had an edible painting experience and lots of fun! Jarod love the texture that the paint provided for his project and also became a fan of his aunt's "not-so-baby paints" in the process! Sooooo proud of product and even more proud of my nephew for being willing to try them! Thanks to my family and always so stoked to here these stories!

Anyone else have a Wee Can Too moment? Let us know please! :)

Wee Can Too
Edible Art Supply

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank you!

To our fans and customers, we thank you so much for your support and purchases this Holiday season! We would like to offer FREE shipping and a bonus gift to purchases through December! We wish you the happiest New Year!! Great things happening in 2011...from all of us at Wee Can Too...

Don't forget to check out new products, reviews and press releases:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wee Can Too Launches Crayons and Chalk

Wee Can Too is excited to announce the launch of our organic edible crayons and chalk, for those just in case moments! Wee Can Too crayon nuggets are one of our newest most creative products yet! The crayons are made from all natural edible ingredients so no worries about petroleum or other additives in regular crayons. Crayon nuggets fit perfectly in your little one's hands! Introducing 5 colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple.

Did we mention we have chalk, just in time for the Holidays! Wee Can Too all natural, edible chalk is made from organic ingredients for chalk boards or decorating the side walks, have fun and paint the town, well we mean chalk the town!

We look forward to your comments at Wee Can Too!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A thank you from the owners

As owners, as partners in Wee Can Too, and as friends we want to spread the news about our paints to as many people as possible who touch our lives and yours. Our paints make painting and play time with your little ones worry free.

The idea behind Wee Can Too was to create an all natural, organic, non toxic paint for babies, toddlers, and children alike. Wee Can Too is the original organic edible finger paint since 2007. We are proud of our product and know you will love it! We have several stores that carry our paints so just click on a link and go, start painting and see where the fun takes your little ones!Here's just a few of our favorite online stores:
Vanny Bean
Teeny Greeny
Yes Its Organic

Thank you for your support,
Nichole and Sarid
Wee Can Too
Edible Art Supply

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blogs and Reviews

We are always so excited and so inspired when fellow mom's try our product for review and are proud to announce a couple of special folks who are blogging about our paints! Please feel free to check them out and read for yourselves and remember, we would LOVE to get your feedback and photos for our wee can too blog!! You can email them to us at:
or just leave comments for us here!

Thanks so much everyone, without "U" there is no "Us"!

Special thanks to Karen for her awesome encouragement at:

Big Hooray and thanks to Lara at:

We appreciate you ladies gettin the buzz goin about us! Keep up the good work!

Sarid & Nichole
Wee Can Too

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Edible Paint Refills!

I am proud to say that we are growing and becoming more popular everyday! wee can too has now been branded after much thought and many labels, logos and designs, we have something that represents us and it is clean, simple, and concise- which is so NOT me, but sometimes that is a good thing. =) I do love it! Don't you?

We are also thinking of ways that we can help the planet and be as green as we can be. In order to do that, but also keep packaging our paints in those ever-so-handy, plastic tottle bottles (just squeeze and get paintin') we have created refills for our edible organic fingerpaints! They will be available soon, and in order to encourage folks to reuse their bottles, we will even take $1.00 off for the same amount of paint! What a deal huh?

You can pick up some of these paints, refills, and our new products coming soon at a local store in Eugene, Oregon or online at these lovely retailers:

We are so honored that you like us! Thank you for your business!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wee can too eco awareness

Many changes and growth are happening with wee can too! These are exciting times! We have just acquired a partner, who is jumping in to help this expanding enterprise and who is just as passionate about these paints as I am. We have been looking into packaging lately and trying to figure out what the best option is for you, the consumer, as far as convenience goes, but also being eco friendly.

Plastic is not the best for the environment, but if it is reused, it can be even better, since it wouldn't go in the landfills at all. We thought about eliminating the plastic all together, but so many of our fans love our easy dispensing tottle bottle that can fit so perfectly on your condiment shelf. So wee can too will be coming out with refillable tubes that will be inserted into the bottle, and to encourage you to all reuse your bottles, they will be an additional $1.00 less!

You will be able to find these refills in the same spot as the paints at our local stores and we will also be encouraging our wholesalers to carry them as well.

On a mission to help keep our earth green! Thanks for your help...

wee can too
art supply

Friday, June 11, 2010

So happy to hear...

As I made a routine delivery to one of our local stores, I was blown away by a wonderful story:

A mother of an autistic 4 year-old girl told the owner that she was an avid fan of our paints (always so great to hear). She also said that her daughter was now potty trained and she felt that the artistic therapy of the paints was in result of that.

If this is so, (goosebumps) I have already obtained my goals here with these paints!

I am holding my darling second child (11 months old) on my lap as I type one-handed right now. I feel blesssed everyday with my family and my life. To have a hand in this type of growth only makes me more appreciative of this amazing world and my position in it.

To that momma who shared her story, I say thank you. I will always have these paints available to any family in need. Just email me and tell me your story. I would love to make more donations if you feel it would benefit you and your child.

With pure love and admiration...

The kindest compliment

Hi friends,
I am a mother of two and started this little art company almost 3 years ago in Eugene, Oregon, in 2007. I wanted my daughter, who was 5 months old at the time, to get into fingerpainting immediately. After looking online and coming up dry, for a product that would be edible and completely hand-to-mouth safe for her, I decided to get into my own kitchen.

Voila! I created a safe, organic, edible product that my daughter could create her masterpieces with. At first, friends caught on and I found myself concocting more paint and adding a variety of colors! Soon, boutiques and natural food stores were requesting them. These finger paints are available at Capella, Bambini and Kidstuff in Eugene. To order online, please go to:

Thanks for all your support- I am excited for new odeas and growth from our little family.

Sarid Ditton