Friday, June 11, 2010

So happy to hear...

As I made a routine delivery to one of our local stores, I was blown away by a wonderful story:

A mother of an autistic 4 year-old girl told the owner that she was an avid fan of our paints (always so great to hear). She also said that her daughter was now potty trained and she felt that the artistic therapy of the paints was in result of that.

If this is so, (goosebumps) I have already obtained my goals here with these paints!

I am holding my darling second child (11 months old) on my lap as I type one-handed right now. I feel blesssed everyday with my family and my life. To have a hand in this type of growth only makes me more appreciative of this amazing world and my position in it.

To that momma who shared her story, I say thank you. I will always have these paints available to any family in need. Just email me and tell me your story. I would love to make more donations if you feel it would benefit you and your child.

With pure love and admiration...

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