Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why "Edible"?

Wee Can Too has a great press page and has been subject to many reviews and articles. So as the creator of "edible art supplies", we are subject to the pro's and con's of what people might have an opinion about. It seems that parents are REALLY into the "non-toxic" concept of art supplies, vs. "edible" concept. Not all parent's, but some. Which is why this is the topic of today's blog.

Our belief is that ALL baby, toddler art supplies should be not only non-toxic, but let's take it further and make it safe to swallow or ingest, because honestly, that is bound to happen. We have said it a million times, "Crayola is a FANTASTIC product" along with more and more products emerging as safe options for parents and children to feel comfortable about. Well we go deeper and beyond that concept. Wee Can Too is about safety for our baby artists and also peace of mind for parents. Parents get the wrong idea about our company, thinking that "edible art supplies are saying it's okay for children to be eating chalk, crayons, paint, etc." We do not promote the consumption of our product and that is not what the "edible" concept is about. It is to show you that not only are we non-toxic, we are eat-a-ble!

So will it train our children to eat their art supplies? A friend of mine shared a story with me that I had the same experience with while my own children were raised with our art supplies. She said that her one year old daughter would eat crayons (don't even get me started on how gross paraffin wax is...petroleum anyone?) and she would react with, "NO! ICKY!!", and eventually her daughter started eating them and then looking for a reaction from mom. When she started using my crayons, my friend didn't feel the need to say, "YUCK, NO!", she simply let her suck on the crayon. By getting a null reaction from mom, baby eventually stopped putting them in her mouth. We don't have animals for babies. Children use thoughts and make calculated decisions. My children did not enter pre-school eating art supplies.

As parents, with babies, we need to go beyond just being non-toxic, we have seen the non-toxic standard tests and let us tell you, use your own judgement, research and read ingredients. Don't trust a non-toxic label. Thanks for listening and thanks for caring! Art from the start!! (baby artist top right is Brooke, Wee Can Too fan)