Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Baby Finger Paints?

One thing I have notice since founding in this company in 2007 and bringing art to the baby world is how much doubt parent's have that their baby even wants to paint. Well, I am pleased to tell you, they do! :) After many letters, photos and testimonials from parents, I am starting to see a pattern. We have been to demos and trade shows where parents are confused at first. Baby paints? What would a baby do with paints? Well, first and foremost, they would eat it! And that's okay with us...
But then something happens. The infant will become amazingly focused as they watch the colors spread across the awe. As if to say, "Wow! Did I just make that happen?"...and then they repeat and they really get into it! Both of my children painted for hours when they were babies. I would put the paint brushes in the bath with them and let them paint the sides of the tub. My children still paint. My son cries when I put the paint away. Well, this year both of my kids are in pre-school. I am happy to say they are still artists, loving the colors swirl and make patterns across the page. Tempura paints are vibrant and wonderful! And I am happy to say that I had a hand in their creative development. And also, can safely say, they do not try to eat the paint at school. :) Happy painting little artists...Wee Can Too