Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Creativity!!

Wee Can Too has come out with a great natural egg dyeing kit, "Nature's Magic Egg", which I encourage parents to use instead of the yucky chemical dyes, especially since these will most definitely be going in your child's mouth if they are serious egg eaters like my kids. I think I can safely say everyone here knows how to dye an egg. If not, we provide instructions on the box. :) I wanted to get extra creative today because the weather was soooo bad (Spring in Eugene). I got out my Wee Can Too Veggie Crayons and made this fantastically fun activity with my two kids, Delta and Savannah. Here is a "how to" for extra special eggs for Springtime or Easter! Have fun...
First use the largest size on your cheese grater and grate some of your Wee Can Too Veggie Crayon into small pieces. Leave the rest for drawing on your egg. This can get kinda messy with the kids, so I put mine into separate cups.

Next, boil your eggs as you normally would and when hardboiled, remove with a slotted spoon and rest on the egg carton. Immediately start your decorating of eggs. Let the kids pick the colors and sprinkle a rainbow of decor on your warm eggs. Make sure the kids don't touch or pick up the egg, as they still are hot. It's important to supervise this part. My egg was initially to hot to draw on, the crayon kept dripping down, so I held the egg under cold water until it was the right temperature to draw with my crayon. After the decorating is done, set aside and let dry for at least 45 min. They will harden before then.

And what do you do until then you ask? Well, I used the extra crayon shavings to sprinkle on paper and then warm in the oven at a low temperature. My daughter had a blast with this and created some wonderful works of art!!

Not only did we have a blast doing this, but we have some gorgeous eggs to long as they don't get eaten. I hope you have a chance to try this at home. Have fun & Happy Easter!