Friday, October 14, 2011

Which Natural Paint To Use

Wee Can Too is growing and everyday we have new products for our customers to try, plus the abundance of natural art supplies on the market and you might be asking yourself, "Which one do I buy? Which one is right for my child?". We created our finger paints in 2007, with not just babies and toddlers in mind, but infants as well. "If they can eat they can paint!" is our motto, because we make our finger paints with not just all natural and organic ingredients, but actual baby diet geared ingredients. We take into account that babies cannot have wheat, dairy...and most importantly, preservatives and chemicals. Our finger paints are really the safest art supply on the market for babies and we are proud to say it. The main ingredient in the our original finger paints is baby rice cereal! Parents can feel at ease about what might go into their baby's mouths...toes, hands, whatever! Once your baby is over a year old, you might feel more comfortable with them swallowing other natural ingredients and less picky about their strict diets. At that time, other natural art products are probably just fine for your little one, including our brand new "Nature's Paint", natural tempera paint, and yes, edible in the Wee Can Too family of edible products.

We have an array of great products that are safe, natural and fun! We are moms and we care like moms. Check us out:! As always, THANK YOU to our passionate, wonderful customers (who sent this great photo by the way (above)- thanks Bennett family!)