Friday, October 14, 2011

Which Natural Paint To Use

Wee Can Too is growing and everyday we have new products for our customers to try, plus the abundance of natural art supplies on the market and you might be asking yourself, "Which one do I buy? Which one is right for my child?". We created our finger paints in 2007, with not just babies and toddlers in mind, but infants as well. "If they can eat they can paint!" is our motto, because we make our finger paints with not just all natural and organic ingredients, but actual baby diet geared ingredients. We take into account that babies cannot have wheat, dairy...and most importantly, preservatives and chemicals. Our finger paints are really the safest art supply on the market for babies and we are proud to say it. The main ingredient in the our original finger paints is baby rice cereal! Parents can feel at ease about what might go into their baby's mouths...toes, hands, whatever! Once your baby is over a year old, you might feel more comfortable with them swallowing other natural ingredients and less picky about their strict diets. At that time, other natural art products are probably just fine for your little one, including our brand new "Nature's Paint", natural tempera paint, and yes, edible in the Wee Can Too family of edible products.

We have an array of great products that are safe, natural and fun! We are moms and we care like moms. Check us out:! As always, THANK YOU to our passionate, wonderful customers (who sent this great photo by the way (above)- thanks Bennett family!)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Why Baby Finger Paints?

One thing I have notice since founding in this company in 2007 and bringing art to the baby world is how much doubt parent's have that their baby even wants to paint. Well, I am pleased to tell you, they do! :) After many letters, photos and testimonials from parents, I am starting to see a pattern. We have been to demos and trade shows where parents are confused at first. Baby paints? What would a baby do with paints? Well, first and foremost, they would eat it! And that's okay with us...
But then something happens. The infant will become amazingly focused as they watch the colors spread across the awe. As if to say, "Wow! Did I just make that happen?"...and then they repeat and they really get into it! Both of my children painted for hours when they were babies. I would put the paint brushes in the bath with them and let them paint the sides of the tub. My children still paint. My son cries when I put the paint away. Well, this year both of my kids are in pre-school. I am happy to say they are still artists, loving the colors swirl and make patterns across the page. Tempura paints are vibrant and wonderful! And I am happy to say that I had a hand in their creative development. And also, can safely say, they do not try to eat the paint at school. :) Happy painting little artists...Wee Can Too

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

weecantoo edible art supply: San Francisco Baby and Birth Fair

weecantoo edible art supply: San Francisco Baby and Birth Fair: "We were so excited that Wee Can Too Edible Art Supply was asked to be a sponsor at the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair this year! The..."

San Francisco Baby and Birth Fair

We were so excited that Wee Can Too Edible Art Supply was asked to be a sponsor at the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair this year! The mamma's started lining up outside and Wee Can Too began the mission of babies and toddlers creating 'Art from the Start'. Many young parents were so thrilled with the concept of having their toddlers do their first finger painting and chalk drawings. Parent's number one complaint is that the first thing their toddler does is pick up chalk and eat it.

Our Organic Sidewalk Chalk Rocks! Coming in Veggie and Swirl watch out mom's and dad's these kids are painting and drawing the town. The floors at the Mason Center were black so children were able to draw and write directly onto the floor while using finger paints.

We always get the same questions when it comes to the organic art concept of food based art supplies. So is it tasty, can I eat the finger paints for a meal, and most important are the ingredients actually good for me. Our answer is always the same, we don't encourage children to eat their art, however as parents we realize that babies and toddlers put everything into their mouth so it should be safe and nutritional and we don't recommend parents or toddlers eating paints and chalk for meals but our products are food based using organic ingredients so if a toddler were to eat the paint 'its geared towards a babies diet in mind'.

San Francisco was a great experience and we don't get to see our creations in work often enough, so thank you to the parents, vendors, and the city for the warm welcome. As parents and as business owners we say thank you to a great city who understands the 'safe organic art' concept.

***Wee Can Too recommends supervision with all art products for all ages***

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

weecantoo edible art supply: A Message from the Co Founders

weecantoo edible art supply: A Message from the Co Founders: "Some of you already know our Wee Can Too Story but for those of you who don't know Wee Can Too consists of two mamma's on a mission who ca..."

A Message from the Co Founders

Some of you already know our Wee Can Too Story but for those of you who don't know Wee Can Too consists of two mamma's on a mission who care about Art Products that children use. We seek safe natural organic alternatives to the everyday modern 'Mainstream' products that almost every house hold has heard of...I don't think I need to mention names.

Lets face it there aren't that many products on the market for safe, natural, organic without harsh chemicals,preservatives or dyes. Wee Can Too provides naturally safe all organic edible products for babies who are able to eat solid foods, toddlers, and young children. Our products are made with organic fruit and veggie powders and adaptable to a 'solid foods' baby diet. If you can eat 'You can Paint'.

Wee Can Too started in 2007 with Sarid Ditton looking for naturally safe products that her daughter could finger paint with. Unfortunately, there were little options so she made her own...for 3 years she stayed local and 'grassroots' suggesting friends use the product, connecting with local vendors, and peddling the paints around town. In 2010 the overwhelmed now mother of two connected with an organic baby boutique owner by the name of Nichole Groat and Wee Can Too became 'two mammas' on a mission to change the way art is viewed. Wee Can Too is making it's way across the country and around the world with the concept of promoting Art at a very young age....Thank you for all your help, support, and understanding for the Wee Can Too mission. We love to hear from happy customers, see pictures, and hear your stories on your experiences with Wee Can Too.

Happy Painting!

The Wee Can Too Team

weecantoo edible art supply: Winner of 2011 Green Product Award

weecantoo edible art supply: Winner of 2011 Green Product Award: "Wee Can Too would like to officially announce that we are on a mission Mom's and Dad's to bring 'Art from the Start' to young children wit..."

Winner of 2011 Green Product Award

Wee Can Too would like to officially announce that we are on a mission Mom's and Dad's to bring 'Art from the Start' to young children without worrying about toxic chemicals, dyes, and leads. Our mission is to provide children with safe products that we as mothers would let our babies use. And so Wee Can Too was created.

Thank you for 4 busy years and a growing audience around the world for safe 'Art from the Start'. Wee Can Too would like to announce that we were awarded Dr. Toys Green Product of 2011 as one of 35 toys. Thank you Dr.Toy and team for recognizing Wee Can Too as a healthy safe alternative to the everyday mainstream products on the market! And our story begins....

The Wee Can Too Team

***Just a friendly note, all ages should be supervised at all times and be sure to keep art products out of reach when art sessions are finished.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lead in your Sidewalk Chalk...

Lead is found in limestone in very insignificant amounts. Most chalk is made from limestone. It's not too tough to put together. Wee Can Too Sidewalk Chalk has no limestone at all and is made with all edible organic ingredients!

This comment from mother and article posted at:

Thought you would like know!

Hi everyone,

Be careful and only buy sidewalk chalk made from Crayola. Both of my children tested positive for lead exposure a few years ago. We had everything tested and it turned out to be sidewalk chalk. It was chalk they had gotten as a prize and it came from Joanne Etc. The only reason we tested the chalk is because a friend remembered hearing about a recall on sidewalk chalk in the past. The CPSC came to my house & took the chalk, due to its very high levels of lead. Both kids are just fine, fortunately our Dr.'s routine check up includes lead tests for everyone, not just those in particular areas.

So... if you have never had your kids tested, ask your Dr. And even if the package says "Conforms to ___ standard", if it isn't Crayola, don't buy it!

Origins: This e-mailed alert began circulating on the Internet in March 2007. While we don't yet know the specific product referenced in the letter (the manufacturer wasn't named), there was indeed a Recalled brand of sidewalk chalk recall of certain brands of sidewalk chalk in 2003 because they were found to contain excessive amounts of lead.

In 2003, voluntary recalls were issued by both Target and Toys R Us for the "Double Dipp'n Fun" brand of sidewalk chalk then being vended by both retailers. Produced in China, the triangular chalk sticks were multicolored and sold for about 99 cents per package. Some 26,000 units were sold nationwide between March and July 2003.

Given that there does not appear to be a current Consumer Products and Safety Commission alert about sidewalk chalk, there is reason to believe the March 2007 e-mail about lead being found in that type of product refers to the 2003 incident. Indeed, the letter's "Both of my children tested positive for lead exposure a few years ago. We had everything tested and it turned out to be sidewalk chalk" tends to indicate the product in question was the "Double Dipp'n Fun" brand that was subsequently recalled.

As to why this matter is of note, while exposure to lead presents a hazard to all, it poses an especial danger to children. Additional care must be taken to limit their exposure to it.

Lead poisoning can reportedly lower intelligence, cause mental retardation, memory problems, depression, fatigue, hyperactivity, aggression, hearing loss, liver or kidney damage, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and anemia. Very high levels can damage the nervous system, kidneys and major organs and even result in seizures or death. It can also lead to infertility in men and cause spontaneous abortion in women. In the final stages of lead poisoning, the victim experiences convulsions, paralysis, blindness, delusions, and then coma. People can and have died of lead

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Coloring outside the box

Well, for the longest time we were racking our brains to come up with new products for Wee Can Too and then it hit me that we can recreate different variations of what we know already works...our present products!

Look out faithful customers! Just in time for Easter, Wee Can Too presents to you, these new products:

Edible/Veggie Sidewalk Chalk- "The Swirl"
Looks good enough to eat, and you can!!

Edible/Veggie Sidewalk Chalk- "The Nougat"
Two bright sticks infused, with a burst of color in the center!

Edible/Veggie Crayons- "Wild Rainbow"
Same crayons, rainbow & shaped round with different zoo animals on them...

Edible/Veggie Crayons- "The Speckled One"
Same vibrant yellow, with little beads of color exploding from inside. A rainbow surprise!

All of these are available on our website:
Wee Can Too!

P.S. Wee still have some more tricks up our sleeve...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why not food coloring?

You've seen it many times on packaging, you probably have given your child many gummy chews or a "tropical punch" juice box today and have seen it on the label. It's the food coloring: Yellow #5 & #6, Red #40 & #3, Blue #1 & #2, Green #3, and Orange B

Recent studies have linked artificial food colorings to cancer and brain tumors as well as links to hyperactivity ADD, ADHD, and other disruptive behaviors in children. Artificial colors are made up of tar derivatives, long chain hydrocarbons, and other petrochemicals and are of no use to your body.

In effort to safeguard our children there has been a petition asking the FDA to require a warning label on foods with artificial dyes or colors and is considering, under the advisory of advocacy groups, banning the sale of the following commonly used colors.

This is why we set out to make finger paints and art supplies fit to be in baby's mouths. Sure, I let my children eat the occasional m & m, but now-a-day there are so many wonderful alternatives and it's wonderful! We are proud to announce that Wee Can Too is one of them.

If your child is old enough to know that he/she shouldn't put the products in their mouth, then the current art products available are adequate. But if they are actually mouthing and ingesting the ingredients, think again. A little here and there adds up. Here's to a future of safer products for our children!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Safe Finger Painting for Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever noticed how kids just love making messes, well most kids we know anyways! They not only love making messes, they love having fun while they’re doing it and don’t seem to have a care in the world about just how messy it can get. There are many creative activities parents can do to keep their children entertained. But what do you do for young babies that have just started eating solid foods? Well the last thing you want them to do is put yucky finger paints into their mouth…What about crayons and chalk? They say they’re non toxic but do you really know what all those ingredients are? Art products do not have to list the ingredients that are in art supplies and the ‘non toxic’ finger paints and chalk your children use have been known to have all sorts of chemicals and dyes in them that aren’t exactly wonderful for little one’s to stick into their mouths.

Wee Can Too has invented non toxic, eco friendly, natural, edible art supplies for babies and young children that are organic…That’s right you heard it, they are edible? How you ask…Our supplies are made from all natural fruit and plant based powders that are gluten free, have no preservatives, dyes, or dairy in them…and just think they are actually good for babies if they decide to put the paint into their mouth. Wee Can Too encourages all natural play for safe, creative, and colorful fun with your little ones! Wee Can Too does not encourage children to eat art supply products however our products are not harmful to children if paint is accidentally swallowed or gets into their mouths! Make sure you read the ingredient lists as they are plant based products for allergens that your children may have.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Natural Vs. Organic

Okay, so Wee Can Too is not the ONLY company that offers naturally safe art supplies. Since 2007, Wee Can Too has been growing, expanding internationaly, creating new products...but what makes us different from our competitors? For instance, Crayon Rocks ( have been around for a very long time and are wonderful art mediums for the wee artist! Wee love Crayon Rocks! They are vibrant and beautiful. But we created veggie crayons for a different reason. Wee Can Too wants momma's to feel confident in using products that babies and toddlers can not only put in their mouths, but absorb into their bodies.

So I am writing this column to explain the difference. When I started making these crayons, I learned so much about dyes, food coloring, mineral and other facts that moms should now about their art products. For instance, many crayons, paints and play dough are offered with plant-based dyes or natural colorings. We are one of them. Do you know the difference? I didn't!

Mineral dyes are made from plants, stones and roots, pigments that come from nature. They might be harmless and natural but not necessarily great for our bodies. When I started making finger paints it was an easy target. Water soluble colorful fruits and veggies. Through trial and error, I have finally perfected crayons and chalk using ALL edible fruits and vegetable coloring. You feel rest assured they don't taste great, when your child puts that piece of chalk or crayon or paint in their mouth, they might not eat more, but if they did eat some- it's okay! Isn't that what this is all about?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

FREE Art Demo

Wee Can Too is doing great things these days, so proud to say! From the release of our two new products, edible organic chalk and edible organic crayons, to the new branding and packaging of our new eco-friendly paint containers, PLUS the grab n' go, art baggies! Things are gettin' busy around here...

But we still have time to bring on the Finger Paintin' fun!! Will you please join us on Saturday, February 12th at 11:00am for a Wee Can Too art demo? You and your wee artist can enjoy a day of creative fun and try out our new products while your at it...

I will also be there to pass out samples for you to try at home.

Bambini is carrying Tea's new art clothing line and our demo will just go hand in hand!

Can't wait to see you there...questions? Email us at