Wednesday, June 29, 2011

San Francisco Baby and Birth Fair

We were so excited that Wee Can Too Edible Art Supply was asked to be a sponsor at the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair this year! The mamma's started lining up outside and Wee Can Too began the mission of babies and toddlers creating 'Art from the Start'. Many young parents were so thrilled with the concept of having their toddlers do their first finger painting and chalk drawings. Parent's number one complaint is that the first thing their toddler does is pick up chalk and eat it.

Our Organic Sidewalk Chalk Rocks! Coming in Veggie and Swirl watch out mom's and dad's these kids are painting and drawing the town. The floors at the Mason Center were black so children were able to draw and write directly onto the floor while using finger paints.

We always get the same questions when it comes to the organic art concept of food based art supplies. So is it tasty, can I eat the finger paints for a meal, and most important are the ingredients actually good for me. Our answer is always the same, we don't encourage children to eat their art, however as parents we realize that babies and toddlers put everything into their mouth so it should be safe and nutritional and we don't recommend parents or toddlers eating paints and chalk for meals but our products are food based using organic ingredients so if a toddler were to eat the paint 'its geared towards a babies diet in mind'.

San Francisco was a great experience and we don't get to see our creations in work often enough, so thank you to the parents, vendors, and the city for the warm welcome. As parents and as business owners we say thank you to a great city who understands the 'safe organic art' concept.

***Wee Can Too recommends supervision with all art products for all ages***

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