Friday, December 17, 2010

Not just for babies and toddlers...

Got a call from my sister in law this morning. It turns out that my nephew was working on a 7th grade art project and couldn't achieve the desired "natural" look he was going for. They contemplated glueing leaves or petals to it, but that didn't look right. Finally, my sis-in-law got out some of her Wee Can Too Finger Paint stock and she and Jarod had an edible painting experience and lots of fun! Jarod love the texture that the paint provided for his project and also became a fan of his aunt's "not-so-baby paints" in the process! Sooooo proud of product and even more proud of my nephew for being willing to try them! Thanks to my family and always so stoked to here these stories!

Anyone else have a Wee Can Too moment? Let us know please! :)

Wee Can Too
Edible Art Supply

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