Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Safely Facepainting!!

My dear children are such sports when it comes to their mama being a mad scientist of art supplies. I have become successful with developing facepaints as an alternative to many products on the market that come from unreliable resources and can be quite bad. Some facepaints, even marked "non-toxic" can have lead in them, and being applied to the face in copious amounts never made me feel at ease. Our facepaints are made with the same organic ingredients including fruit and vegetable powders for color, which could actually be good for the skin! My daughter started painting her brother's arm at one point and I felt just fine about that!
If you choose to purchase these from our online store, keep in mind that instead of mixing them all at one time, I recommend using just enough powder as you want for application at that time. If you use moderately like this, you will have paints for next year as well! Another perk: You won't be scrubbing the paints off and chaffing your child's skin at the same time, all while explaining to teachers why your child still has whiskers the next day at school. Our paints wipe off with ease and don't leave stains. You can purchase our wonderfully natural products at: www.weecantooart.com If you are in the UK, we will be expanding our availability overseas very soon! That website will be: www.weecantooart.uk.com "Art From The Start!"

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